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Are Angels Our Spiritual Guides?

There has been a high level of debate over the topic of Angels. These have been discussed for centuries. Although they are found in other cultures, referenced by different names, Angels are depicted in the Bible. They are thought to be messengers, individuals that are neither human nor gods that are able to help mankind. In this way, they have also been referenced as spiritual guides, people on the proverbial other side that are designed to be helpers. That's look at whether or not Angels really are spiritual guides, and if they are, how we might consider contacting them when we have choices that we need to make.

What Are Angels?

According to many definitions, Angels are angelic beings, sometimes appearing with wings, that are agents or messengers of God. They are usually anthropomorphic in form, representing a man or a woman, possessing a set of wings. They only where long ropes, and are thought to be examples of virtue. That is why many people believe that they are spiritual guides. However, there are other stories of having Angels on either shoulder, one motivating us to do what is right, whereas the other to do what is wrong. Whether they exist or not is hard to prove because there is no tangible evidence. What we do have are the stories that have been written, and our own personal experiences, many of which would indicate that they are our spiritual guides.

Why Angels Could Be Spiritual Guides

In some cultures, spiritual guides are not just human in form. Some of them are half animal, half man. Many of the Native American tribes have spiritual guides that come in the form of animals, often referenced in their written and oral literature. If you have ever had a situation where you did not know what to do, or you were in danger, and something miraculous occurred, these are the moments where we must assume that a higher power was involved which many people attribute to angelic interventions.

Whether or not you have had an experience which could be referenced as an angelic encounter, or if you believe that you have a guardian angel watching over you, it is a concept that is very popular. In the same way that we can only know that God exists by inference, stories, and through our personal experiences in life, we can also ascribe some validity to the reality of angels that are our guides.


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