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Blavatsky Theosophy And The Ancient Wisdom

There is a term that is often discussed called Ancient Wisdom, a phrase that is somewhat overused. It often refers to the teachings of people from long ago that are still considered to be valid today. However, this actually once represented a very specific way of thinking, not undefined or random thoughts about spiritualism or New Age beliefs. It actually referred to a very specific and complete body of knowledge that fully encompass science, philosophy and religion. A woman by the name of Mme. Blavatsky popularized these esoteric teachings, also referring to this as Great Knowledge or the ageless wisdom . Let's discuss what some of these teachings were and how it applies to Helena Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society.

What Is Ancient Wisdom Referring To?

In a very general sense, it is actually referencing all of the world's religions and spiritual thoughts that have occurred for centuries. People may also use other names such as Wisdom Religion, or even what is called the Secret Doctrine. In fact, the Secret Doctrine was a series of writings that the Theosophical Society promoted, the writings of Helena Blavatsky herself. She had actually published a couple volumes back in 1888, focusing on what is called Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis.

Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis

Cosmogenesis is a book that tries to explain the origins of everything, specifically from a Hindu point of view. In Hinduism, the world is believed to go through cycles, and that during this cosmic evolution, fundamental laws were developed which allowed the creation of all things. It is from this that the Secret Doctrine was also developed, the accumulated Wisdom of the Ages. This was gathered by people called Seers who could see beyond the illusion of reality itself, the very cloak of the true reality from which we all originate. Anthropogenesis, on the other hand, is the second half of this book which refers to what she calls Root Races. It is believed that Darwinism had nothing to do with the evolution of mankind and that we are the result of multiple advanced civilizations that occurred in ancient places called Hyperborea, Lemuria and also Plato's famed Atlantis.

In conclusion, this ancient wisdom is a cornucopia of philosophies and teachings that have been gathered over time area it is the result of people that are trying to find what actual truth means. It is through her efforts that this type of information was provided to the public, allowing people to make their own decisions on how the universe began, what our purpose in life might be, and what lies for us beyond in the afterlife.


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