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Effective Online Dating Tips For Men

1. Custom tailoring your messages. The second you see a prospect online, resist the urge to message her right away with a recycled message. I know guys who copy and paste the same opening message to every girl. If youre going to do this, at least mention her name in the same sentence where you say Hi to her. Personalize your message so she actually feels like youre talking to her, not at her.

Before you message any girl, examine her profile page first. If shes not the lazy type and spends a great amount of time surfing the net, she will have updated her page with more than 5 facts about herself. The basics like her age, location, workplace dont count. Fish in some information about her. Look at her photo albums, written biography, interests displayed. Try find something that sparks your curiosity, or if you find something in common, and use that as bait.

Please, do not blast out long and windy messages detailing how special and gifted she seems to you. Review your message before submitting, and ensure that it demonstrates good personality, humor, and non-desperation. This is all you need to break the ice online.

2. Nurturing your wall comments.

You have to take advantage of the wall commenting feature. Remember that in Part 1, social value gives you excellent leverage. Treat your wall comment like your own garden water it every day until its lusciously green and worthy of charging people to step foot in for. Ok, maybe I went too far there.

Just make sure you are interacting with people even if its your sister. Make sure youve got people posting comments on your walls.

When a woman notices that you are highly interactive social being, it makes her feel more comfortable and inclined to reply to your messages. Her subconscious deduction is this: Since everyone is talking to you, I guess its cool that I do the same also.

We all grew up gravitating towards the popular people. Remember our middle school and high school days? Well, that popularity element still yields residual effect. Social value is sexy to the ladies.

Now, if youre going to be proactive in sending out multiple messages to the ladies online, make sure you change your privacy settings. If youre on Facebook, make sure you Turn off feature that shows wall you posted on.

You dont want your status feeds to show that you just spent the last 3 hours commenting on over 100 girls wall.

3. Avoid the Live Chat

When youve added a girl to your friends list, it does not mean youre obligated to chatting her up right away. Most men chat with woman on their live chat when they see their girl log on. My personal advice is to avoid the live chat function.

Stick to sending personal messages to her inbox its more intimate and women generally treat their inbox messages more seriously than some guy on live chat bombing her with questions and smileys.

All in all, live chat doesnt hold as much weight as personal messages do.

You should have more important things to do than to spend your days and night on live chat. Oh, and please dont waste your clicks doing anything related to poking a girl that stuff is weak, and will not get you a high response rate unless youre George Clooney.


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