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Wedding Reception Awesomeness

If you are planning your wedding reception and want to find some special entertainment to wow your guests, here are a few entertainment ideas that you may want to check out. A caricature artist who will sketch your guests in a comical way can be a big hit. The guests will enjoy the interaction with the artist and they will have a cool souvenir to take home with them and remind them of your wedding reception. These caricature artists are becoming very popular and are an ideal entertainment for your guests as they gather around before the dinner.

A novelty entertainer can add a lot of fun to any event. A circus type clown or a stilt walker could be used as an announcer. This would be certain to grab the attention of all the guests. A magician could mingle among the guests and do simple tricks to entertain them. These novelty acts are excellent to create memories in the minds of your guests. Every wedding couple have a choice to make whether to have children at their wedding reception or not. If children are present, it is a good idea to provide entertainment which will engage and distract the children. For younger children, a face painter is an ideal person to entertain with face paintings of princesses and superheroes. A childrens puppeteer is also excellent entertainment for the younger people present. This entertainment can be popular with both children and adults and can have at a wedding theme.

A wedding harpist can add a wonderful atmosphere to a wedding reception. The harpist can be used for the music in the wedding ceremony and also to entertain the guests at the reception. The harpist will probably have fixed repertoire but some may be capable of taking requests from guests and playing them in the harpist style. Harp music tends to be very relaxed and laid-back and creates a sense of peace and joy, which is wonderful for the wedding reception.

Photo booths are becoming very popular at weddings parties and corporate events. They are a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment and provide great souvenirs for the guests to review later. The photos and videos taken at the photo booth can be posted to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. This is excellent for people who cant make it to the wedding as they can get a sense of the wedding even though they are not there. Green screen technology is a part of photo booths these days so interactive backgrounds can be used to liven up photos and videos. A photo booth hire operator can explain to the guests how to use the technology and also help with any technical problems that may arise with the photo booth. All the photos and videos can be stored and given to the married couple after the reception.

The most important thing about entertainment at your wedding reception is the enjoyment and engagement of your guests. This is the true measure of the successful wedding party as sending the guests home with great memories of your wedding is your ultimate goal.


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