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All About The Celtic Zodiac

When you come to think about it, you can think of druid star symbols as a combination of both the Chinese zodiac and the celestial zodiac signs. The astrology of the Celts uses animal signs like the Chinese horoscope, however, instead of using the year of both, it uses the month and day of birth of the person (like the star signs) to layout the horoscope of the person.

The use of animals really isn't surprising considering that the Celts were in-tune with the animal world. What are the different Celtic zodiac signs? Read below to know.

Deer People who were born from between 24 to January 20 are affiliated with the stag or deer. People born under this sign are generally patient, thorough, and persistent in achieving their goals. They don't give up easy.

Cat - If you were born from January 21 to February 17, you have a strong affiliation with the cat. Cat people are intelligent with a quick wit and impeccable reasoning abilites. You have a new perspective on things and you tend to be very generous, although you may seem aloof at first glance.

Snake People who have their birthdays from between February 18 to March 17 belong to the snake sign. They are cool yet lively. They are naturally curious, are natural communicators, and can be persuasive.

Fox (March 18 to April 14) Fox people have an untamable force about them that forces them to take on new adventures and exotic vacations. They are also amazingly loyal as friends. For them, once a friend, always a friend.

Bull (April 15 to May 12) People born under the bull sign are naturally strong and stable. They are the kind of people you run to if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Seahorse (May 13 to June 9) People born under the seahors sign are naturally resourceful and flexible. They are very good with money and make for even better lawyers.

Wren (June 10 to July 7) The wren is a type of bird that figures in the Celtic horoscope. People born under this sign are known to have a sunny disposition, and are self-motivated.

Other animals belonging to the pantheon of the Celtic zodiac are the horse (July 8 to August 4), fish (August 5 to September 1), Swan (September 2 to September 29), butterfly (September 30 to October 27), Wolf (October 28 to November 24, and hawk (November 25 to December 23).

Understanding Astrology And The Aquarius Star Sign

When it comes to astrology, learning about the features and characteristics of the Aquarius sign is a very good idea - especially if youre looking to attract someone with this sign. It pays huge dividends to know what Aquarius men want in love and in this guide, were going to take a closer look at what you can expect to see from an Aquarius. We will also look as well at the kind of characteristics theyre likely to seek in a partner.

Firstly, people with the Aquarius tend to be very social, outgoing, and friendly to others. Often, this can really work to your advantage if you want to get closer to an Aquarius, because theyll often do all the work for you if you happen to be nearby! With this in mind, its a good idea to spend time with them as often as possible, even when you're around other people.

Of course, the obvious downside is that due to their popularity, it can be difficult to find any alone time with them - but if you stay patient, and opportunity will always present itself eventually.

Interestingly, as a highly social person, the Aquarius is used to spending time with people who are very open, confident, and freely talk about themselves. So if you want to set yourself apart, it can often work to your advantage if you aim to be a little withdrawn and mysterious. This will often cause them to put more effort into talking to you, as they try to draw you out of your shell. By baiting them to invest in your conversation, youll quickly be able to form a unique and special bond between the two of you.

Additionally, behaving in a calmer, quieter way will help the relationship to evolve very quickly. Why? Simply because Aquarius people tend to feel very restricted and stifled in relationships, due to the highly social energy they carry with them wherever they go. However, if you let them keep their independence and allow them to be themselves, they will ultimately learn to love you for it.

Something else to keep in mind is that you shouldnt withhold your feelings towards the Aquarius person, even if you're playing the mysterious card. Due to their high energy and social nature, they can easily become bored - so you need to hold his attention by revealing your true feelings, otherwise they may suspect you dont have any feelings for them at all. Showing a little kindness and affection from time to time can go a long way, and itll really be appreciated by the Aquarius person, too.

The Reason 2016 Is The Year Of The Fire Monkey

Have you given thought to the fact that next year is the ape period in lunar cycling? That means people born next year will be the sign of the monkey, according to the Chinese zodiac. That means a great deal to those who are going to have a child next year. It also means much to anyone who is currently a monkey in the Chinese zodiac calendar. Next year is going to be their year so it is a big deal as they can take advantage of the Earth lining up to accommodate them.

The monkey is mischievous yet witty and educated. They are a sign that plays pranks on people just for fun and thrill for all involved but one that does not have truly evil intentions. Monkeys are great people who are good allies to have around. They have a lot of potential to unleash their wit and charm on the world. When one of these people applies all of their energy they will see that they can achieve great things. Do not get in the way of a monkey and their goal as they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

2016 is a good year for anyone who has entrepreneurial ambitions and who is a monkey. They can truly unleash their full potential and brainstorm a way to achieve the success they crave. It's a good idea for a monkey to use the help of their allies to achieve their success. With wit and smarts on their side it should not be difficult for a monkey to learn what it takes to be happy. Just remember that it is not wise to cross anyone who can be of help to you as they may be the person you need to help you reach your goals.

The fire monkey has a great passion and a lot of energy. Next year is set to be a productive year for anyone born in the year of the monkey. If you have been looking to elevate your status as a person and to get a better job, advance in your career, or pursue an endeavor on your own then it is wise to do so in 2016. People of other zodiac signs can channel to high energy and wittiness of the monkey and pursue their goals. Let next year be a prosperous one for you and all in your life.